• CR dates back to 2008, when Ori Atana started sim racing online.
  • Throughout its history, it has had various names and participated in various series both real life and virtual.
  • While its origins are in Champ Car racing, it has seen racing in various categories.
  • Among its peaks so far are the SCART season 6, the Gokart Series season 1 and the GT season 2.
  • Those seasons stand out because in those campaigns the team had great harmony and experienced inspiring team work.
  • The members have experience in various simulators, racing categories, communities and management functions.
  • A founding member of Racing Sports, CR has supported RS and promoted the common values.
  • While looking back on a special history, the team also looks at realising its projects which represent the spirit and values of CR.


  • CR is a team by and for those who do the sporting for the fun of it and choose to enjoy the exhibition rather than feed the ego. We keep it free and simple and help others, be they team members or not. Those who share our values are welcome on our team.
  • Team members are free to decide on team orders. Team orders are neither enforced nor banned. The membership and status is not affected by the decision of the member.
  • CR acts in harmony with the Racing Sports organisation.
  • Team members are granted maximal freedom as long as they do not harm the spirit of the team.


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