Decennial Flashback

Ori Atana reflects on the CR decennial:
  • How the team emerged
    • Just as I wanted to compete in online racing series, I wanted to compete as part of a team. And just as with the series, I eventually started my own team. In both cases I wanted it done right. The first races as part of a team were even more special than running solo. We had varying designs and color combinations or we would all run the same design and the same colors. It was such a good feeling to run with team mates. Same with the cars. Sometimes we had the same chassis and sometimes we ran entirely different vehicles.
  • How the name emerged
    • There were several names we ran under. This one crystallised itself and it fits perfectly to us. We are about crafting and we are about racing. We went though all that really matters to us and describes us best. And the result was natural. It is a harmonic and inspiring name.
  • What about CR is so special to me
    • The ever fresh and exciting spirit is one of the qualities that make us truly special. Ever since the first race of this team, there has been such an excitement and unique spirit about CR that has inspired us team members and our fellow teams. Often enough the dynamics of CR sparked art.
    • The evolution of CR is something outstanding. We started as a small team and just enjoyed the lovely sport that racing is. Our approach to racing and our cars impressed people, though, and thus we started growing and evolving. What still amazes me is that despite never caring about winning we still took victories and titles already in our early days. This team has seen so many experiences and evolved so much. Looking back, it is an adventure of its own. From the first virtual races to the real life rushes it has been a grand story.
  • Outlook
    • Apart from continuing our racing adventures, building our own CR virtual and real life vehicles remains the prime goal.
    • However, we always have Gravity Surfing and Racin Topia on the radar and see that we enhance those two goals the best we can.

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